• WHAT OUR CLIENTS SAY: David H. - Cape Town 2015
    Working with The Change Initiative over the past few months has been an enlightening, if not sometimes challenging experience. Madge is easy to relate to and quickly identifies your needs and drivers. Her interventions ignited thought processes which pushed me to explore my career direction in a productive and positive way.She has a very comprehensive understanding of what works in the corporate environment, and what detracts. These insights, coupled with her ability to unlock preconceptions, is hugely valuable.Through the efforts of The Change Initiative I felt confident presenting myself as a marketable product once again, which I’m delighted to say resulted in securing a new and challenging job.I came to The Change Initiative wanting guidance and change, and they delivered.

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About Us

The Change Initiative emanated from the Executive Search industry.

We have spent many years supporting HR Directors and CEO’s in their search for talent, and we know what they want to see in candidates. 

We also know, why people don’t get hired.

Even the most qualified and experienced of candidates have fallen foul to the recruitment process. It’s simply a case of ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’.

It is because of this that The Change Initiative was formed, to provide expert insights into how and why employers choose one candidate over another. 

When you understand the rules of the game – you are able to compete more effectively than those who don’t.

The Change Initiative tailors its programs to support individuals embarking on a career change. Whether proactively gearing up for a promotion or facing retrenchment, we have the knowledge and facilities to support the process and provide a distinct advantage.


Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime
Chinese proverb. 

The CHANGE Initiative has partnered with several organisations to provide corporate clients with access to a broad portfolio of related services, including:

·       Remuneration & Benefits consulting

·       Organisational Development

·       Labour and Industrial Relations legal services

·       Psychometrists

·      Clinical Psychologists

·      Relocation specialists


Our team includes:

  • Susan Hoare

    Sue offers 17 years experience in the field of HR and Remuneration, from both a strategic and operational perspective. Areas of expertise include policy formation and implementation, job evaluation, role profiling, performance tracking, salary budgeting and benchmarking, as well as short and long-term incentive scheme design.

  • Our team includes:

  • Jane Wilkinson

    Jane has over 20 years in corporate HR experience and now has a specific developmental focus on executive, senior and middle managers. Her coaching model is practical and performance focused and designed to support leaders who may wish to review their personal resilience capability or their leadership competence generally.

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