Published by: Bizcommunity - 2007


Juggling multiple job offers is tricky business

As senior executives know, keeping a balanced perspective is crucial to successful decision-making but, when it comes to juggling multiple job offers, some battle to keep their wits about them. Madge Gibson, a senior associate at Jack Hammer Executive Headhunters, says, "The reality of the skills shortage in SA means that some well-qualified and experienced candidates may often receive competing job offers."

"Trying to choose the best, career-enhancing role and the most suitable personal option can leave a candidate in a quagmire of indecision," she adds.

According to Gibson, a common mistake senior executives make is to neglect to consider the full picture of the new position. They may be enticed by a company's 'brand' or public image without thinking through the job itself.

The result is that a candidate can end up working for a company that adds kudos to his/her CV in terms of brand, but, they become trapped in a role with limited challenges or future growth. These candidates typically move jobs again with 2 to 3 years.

Another point to consider, apart from the challenges of the job itself, is the importance of assessing the dynamics of the team within which a candidate will work, the company culture and the personality of the individual to whom the employee will report.

A significant number of placement failures at senior levels are a direct result of incompatible culture matches, Gibson notes.

Remember, the larger the corporate, the stronger the culture.

"Being placed through a headhunter usually provides a candidate with the inside-track on organisational culture and a better idea of the dynamics of the management team," concludes Gibson.