Outplacement - what are the options?

How to support your employees - Career progression

Outplacement now forms part of many organisations overall talent management strategy. Organisations demonstrate that they value their employees and want to support them in finding a new role, which strengthens their position as an employer of choice. So what the options are and where is the value?

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Outplacement's new model

Last year, Vicky lost her job as an HR consultant in a department restructure. “It was a brutal process,” she says. “I was already looking for a new role, but this made my search more urgent and less selective.”

It's a story with which millions can sympathise. The tough economic climate has unfortunately made redundancy commonplace. According to Work Audit research by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), published in March 2012, over the past three years nearly 2.7 million people have been made redundant in the UK.

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How to get outplacement services right

Career progression

We have the harshest job market in a generation and outplacement support is more valuable than ever. With redundancy often an unfortunate reality, employers who show employees that they care about their career prospects are progressive and forward-thinking organisations. Ouplacement is increasingly becoming standard management practice and an integral part of organisations' talent management strategy.

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